Boily High pressure cleaning Boily High pressure cleaning Boily High pressure cleaning Boily High pressure cleaning Boily High pressure cleaning Boily High pressure cleaning Boily High pressure cleaning

Boily high pressure washing

Specialty high pressure washing Montreal .

Cleaning by high temperature and high pressure water jets.

For efficient cleaning that cleans without damaging the surfaces.

High pressure washing: residential, commercial and industrial.

Our speciality: heights!

Our specialty is high pressure washing: graffiti removal, oil stains, stubborn stains ...

Powerful solutions for each type of stain.

Industrial cleaning equipment to deal with vehicles, buildings, floors ...

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Boily high pressure washing

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Boily high pressure washing

Tailor-made high-pressure cleaning service for stone floors, tiles and other surfaces.

Stages of high pressure washing

High pressure cleaning should always be done by professionals who know in depth the different types of materials and are familiar with the cleaning products and cleaning techniques specific to each type of surface. Our team of trained and experienced technicians adapt their methods according to the type of surface to be cleaned (choice of appropriate detergent or stain remover, force of water pressure) and at all times respect the essential steps of a successful and safe cleaning.

Steps :


At Boily high pressure washing we always update our equipment to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements. We have all the appropriate equipment for various surfaces. We make sure our procedures and equipment are safe and efficient in achieving the desired result on all points, even in the hard to reach places. Boily high pressure washing has many mobile units (trucks with the latest equipment, high pressure cleaning for all surfaces).Complete washing equipment, High-performance detergents, hoses for high pressure washing with water jets that deep clean without damaging the surface. Our equipment is reliable and combined with the techniques proven over the years and a personalized service by rigorously trained technicians Boily can offer a competitive service for any cleanup. High-pressure washing at industrial height is one of our specialties. We can use high pressure jets to wash buildings up to 50 floors in height.

High pressure washing at heights

Our equipment :

Our technicians use high pressure cleaning that is safe and proven to be effective. We use variable techniques for proper safety depending on each type of project (harnesses conform to the CSST).


Our maintenance staff is fully covered by the CSST and their safety is assured through the specific safety practices. The company BOILY HIGH PRESSURE WASHING Ltd. holds a civil liability insurance of $ 5 million for damages. Although our techniques are safe and thorough, it is important to protect both parties in case of accident. So you can employ our professionals with a peace of mind.

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